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The girls at Lisa’s Lacies feel strongly about this topic and this blog feature is personally written by one of our beautiful staff members ~ Keryl 


Why Not Me?  Why I Deserve Respect Too! 


Have you seen the recent short video we re-posted on Facebook and Instagram  about a lovely lady called Alicia?

Alicia is a beautiful lady with a hubby who is a gorgeous looking guy in great shape.  Alicia posted a couple of videos online of her and husband Scott and has received the most outrageous feedback!

People have made ridiculous comments because Alicia is plus size and her husband is a handsome, in shape guy. The comments include assumptions that either Alicia must be rich, or Scott is gay or even that her husband must have a Fat-fetish”. In another, words what could a straight good-looking guy find to love about a lady with more to cuddle? Alicia feels that society places a higher value on Scott because of the way he looks and less value on her because Alicia is carrying extra weight and therefore doesn’t fit into the norms of what society thinks is good looking or acceptable.



Why is it perfectly acceptable for an overweight man to have a slim wife but an overweight woman with a slim husband is unacceptable?
Why do others have these stupid notions that we as plus size ladies are less than another regular size person?
Why do we, as plus size people think that we are less by buying into their absurdities?
Why do we think that carrying extra kilos make us less of a person?
Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to fit into the “box”?
Why do we try & hide our bodies to try and fit into society’s expectations?
Why doesn’t society put a higher value on who we are as a person rather than what we look like?
I wish I had the answers to all these questions – I really do!






Relationships based on looks alone will never last. Relationships based on love, humour, caring, respect, and shared interests have a much better chance of longevity.

My intellect, morals, accountabilities, and ability to make & maintain quality relationships has nothing to do with my size.

My true friends don’t care about what size I am.

Telling a Plus size woman it’s a shame she is so big as she has such a pretty face, will not make her feel good – ever!!!

My size is not the cause of every single medical condition I have – despite what a lot of doctors tell us. Losing weight is not the cure all.


(And yes, I do know that obesity increases the risk of some diseases & indeed may bring them on – like diabetes – I’m fat, I’m not ignorant!)

My size has never impacted to my ability to either stay in a job or leave it if it no longer makes me feel fulfilled. Nor has it affected my hobbies or interests. The reason I have never tandem sky dived has nothing to do with my size and everything to do with my knee trembling fear of heights.

Rubenesque Woman have been revered through history. The Great Masters painted the most beautiful plus sizes women – way more than slender ladies. Those old painters sure had a great eye for beauty!

Plus size people are here to stay. We fall in love, we fall out of love, we laugh, we cry, we get hurt, we heal, we have amazing sex, we have forgettable sex, we inspire, we learn, we have good days and we have bad days, and we are beautiful in so many ways.

We are just like every other person on this planet, no matter size, shape, age, background, or preferences.

We deserve the same respect and love as a size 6 model does – why shouldn’t we?

We also deserve the same privileges – access to attractive clothing, comfortable seating, good medical care, and to not be judged on our size.

We deserve dignity and respect and we don’t owe anyone an explanation of why our bodies look like they do.

And finally, here’s a list of some beautiful, curvy women who achieved success and admiration when they were at their heaviest –

Maggie Tabberer, Adele, Dame Joan Sutherland,  Magda Szubanski, Melissa McCarthy, Ursula Carzon, Oprah, Lizzo, Rebel Wilson, Shelly Winters,  Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Octavia Spenser,  Kathy Bates, Emme, Mae West, Aretha Franklin,  Rosie O’Donnell, Camryn Manheim  and last but not least, the most famous of all –   Miss Piggy!

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