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Lisa’s Lacies is a business that is owned by women, run by women, and is for women.  This made me think about all the different ways we can support & help each other. I’m not even talking in big ways but in all the little ways we can help make a difference in each other’s lives.

Do you recall the last time you empowered another woman? There are so many things we can do to give another woman a boost. It’s not difficult, it doesn’t take a lot of time or energy and you can do it anytime and anywhere!

Give a Compliment!

The easiest and quickest way to give a girl a boost is to give her a compliment!

Do you remember the last time someone gave you a compliment – what a buzz It gives you – especially if it’s from a stranger. Something simple like how lovely her hair looks or how fabulous her outfit or shoes are. Or what a great job a work colleague did on a project.

My favourite compliment to receive from a stranger is when someone tells me I have a great smile. On the other hand when family and friends let me know how much they love me or appreciate me  – well it just makes my day.

It’s so easy to say just a couple of sweet words to another woman to brighten up her day. Why don’t you try it today? I guarantee you will feel awesome as well!

If you’re looking for an interesting experiment, try giving people compliments more often and notice how you feel throughout the day and how many smiles you put on someone’s face.

Show some love online

Let’s face it almost all of us have had some dealings online. And whether you are a constant scroller or a minimalist user we can use our own digital power to build up other women online. Share an uplifting or funny post, show support for female businesses by liking or sharing their posts. Leave feedback or Google reviews on great service or purchases from female friendly businesses. Support and share posts for charities helping women and girls the world over. It has the
potential to really help small business and charities.



Volunteer at a Women’s Shelter or Charity

If you like to give back and support women in need, you can always volunteer your time at a women’s shelter/charity/Aged care home. If you can’t find a women’s shelter near you that is accepting volunteers, you can always assemble small bags filled with important feminine items like wet cloths, tampons and pads, toothbrushes & toothpaste and bottles of water and distribute these to homeless women in your area. Lots of small charities are looking for small donations of goods or time to help in their quests.



Network Happy Texts 

If you are a really thoughtful friend, you may want to start a women’s network text/messenger group! Assemble a group of women you love to keep in contact with and send them a note weekly or daily to start their morning off right. You can include inspirational quotes or graphics that inspire everyone to live their best lives. This text is sure to put a smile on your friends’ faces.

In closing, there are so many ways you can uplift the women around you! So, whether you’re a pro at supporting your sisters or you’re just getting started, start off your day by paying someone a compliment!


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