Upper Arms – Hide Them or Show Them?

Nearly all of us have parts of our body that we don’t particularly like, and for a lot of women it’s their upper arms. 


It’s something that can affect a woman no matter what size they are. Whether it’s the actual size of your upper arm or loose “flabby” skin – the owner feels that they are unsightly and should be covered up, no matter what.

Having big upper arms myself, I know that the struggle can be real. I feel that short sleeves on me that finish half way down my upper arm can make my arms look twice as big – and the truth of it is they are usually uncomfortable by pulling in at just the wrong spot.

I would prefer to wear no sleeves than short sleeves if I’m honest, but that doesn’t happen much in public either. I know that my own opinion on my arms is by far much more judgemental than anyone else is, but it’s the way I feel. In truth, no one is going to faint from shock at the sight of my upper arms. In fact, anyone that thinks my upper arms are horrendous & therefore they make me less of a good person, aren’t really worth knowing anyway!



However, having large arms can make it tricky to find clothing that fits well, feels comfortable and makes

me feel good. A top or dress that fits my body perfectly can feel like it is strangling my arms. It’s frustrating and annoying.  

That’s why when I design new items that have sleeves at Lisa’s Lacies, I make sure that our short sleeves are more like ¾ sleeves. They used to be elbow length, but after some feedback from ladies who had longer arms, we increased the length by a couple of centimetres so that we are providing that perfect coverage for more customers.


Our new Ebony Swing Top is an example of our thoughtful designing. The sleeves sit below the elbow and are cut wide so that they won’t be constrictive and are very flattering and comfortable. It’s also much cooler as air can circulate freely.

View it here: https://lisaslacies.com.au/lisas-lacies-ebony-swing-top/


If you do have some sleeveless tops in your wardrobe that you no longer wear, consider purchasing The Sleeve, a short top that you can pop under any sleeveless top to give you the added coverage you want without bulk.

Now, I’m not saying that if you have big arms you must cover them up – You do you, and dress how you want to.

It’s all about what’s comfortable and makes you feel good. At the end of the day it’s not about what other people think, it’s all about you!!!





View here: https://lisaslacies.com.au/lisas-lacies-the-sleeve/



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